Render of set of stairs with metal rods connecting in the centre
Created by: XYZ Dimensions
Country: NSW, Australia

The hypnotising rhythms of the WAVE MACHINE demonstrate cause and effect, with movement of the connecting rods at one end generating energy and creating a wave. Create unique patterns or take turns copying the wave pattern sent from the opposite end of the machine.

The relationship between wavelength, frequency and wave speed are easily observed through this energetic installation that represents the invisible forces that move through air and fluids.

About the Creators

XYZ Dimensions love to push envelopes. The creative firm delivers technical design and engineering solutions for the arts and entertainment industry in Australia and around the globe. Through carefully considered design and quality production values, XYZ Dimensions bring immersive audience experiences to life that wow the crowd and delight the senses.

Fronted by Industrial Designer and Draftsman Tim Hurricane Bestman, XYZ Dimensions use a wide range of materials and processes suitable for outdoor permanent and semi-permanent installations. Tim’s extensive design and fabrication knowledge ensure artistic vision is executed with high precision and attention to detail.


Fri 12th Mar – Sun 28th Mar


8am – 5.30pm daily


South Bank